Код ошибки 1025 в outlook

Outlook is the most trusted email client and it is extensively used by corporate houses. There are a lot of ways in which you can organize your mail trail through Outlook. However, even though it is the most used client, it can have issues.  One such issue is the error code 1025 Outlook.

Outlook is one of the most important office suites for employees working in big corporate houses. Issues with Outlook are pretty normal, but at times can be complex. We understand the value of your mail and how important it is for your work. Error code 1025 Outlook does not let you sync your mail. This can be frustrating as you get stuck while doing an important job. The main reasons for this error are:

  • Outlook is sluggish. Hence, it takes time to open and sync the mail.
  • Your Outlook is crashing unexpectedly and frequently hence the mailbox is affected to a great extent.
  • The email on your PC is not showing up on your desktop due to the opening of the Outlook account in more than one device.
  • Your PST is corrupted and in case you are seeing errors in your Outlook, it can lead to inaccessibility of all the data.

It is extremely essential to know about the error so that you can take corrective measures to solve it. Here, you can go through some quick steps to solve this error on your own. If necessary, you can contact their experts for help. But before that try these simple steps.

Remove the account first

To do this, turn on your Mac, go to the Tools menu and then click ‘Account’ option. After this, you can select the IMAP account that you are thinking to remove. Select the ‘minus option’. This will help resolve your Gmail Outlook sync issues

Recreate a new account

  • Further, enter all of your appropriate credentials of the account.
  • Click on the Add Account button and now select “More Option”
  • Finally, just inspect all the information that has been provided by you again.
  • Click the OK icon.

As a result, an error message of “cannot create Mailbox” pops up on the screen while leaving your device inoperable. Furthermore, an outdated Outlook application could be the likely cause of this error. It may also appear when you try to change the visibility of IMAP folders.

  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to launch the Outlook application on your Mac device. After that, navigate to the Tools icon and click on Accounts as well.

To delete the specific IMAP account, you need to click on the “-” icon on your keyboard. Once you remove the IMAP account restart your Mac device.

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Create an IMAP Account

  • Launch the Outlook application and navigate to the Tools icon. Now, from the same tab,  click on Email Account and then choose the “Add an Account” option.
  • If there is already an account preset then you won’t be able to see the option. In such a case, you have to tap on the “+” icon for adding an account.
  • Now, you will have to provide your account information. Type your email address beside the label “E-mail address” and the password for the account you are going to create.

Add Details On the Recently Created Account

After completing the previous methods you should navigate to the “More option” icon and select the” Use Incoming Server Info” from the Authentication box.

Then, press on the   Account option and a new window will appear on the display. Here, you have to enter Personal, Server information.

Once you have completed the above steps click on the Advanced tab from the bottom right corner of the display. Then, choose Folder and Junk both the options one after another. Next, select the “Store junk messages in this folder” and “Junk Email “icon by clicking on the drop-down list.

After that, navigate to choose Trash. In this tab select “More deleted messages to this folder” icon and click on the drop-down menu. Choose Server from the list and then tap on Never. At last, click on OK to confirm the changes you have done.

At the final step, restart your device and check if the issue has been resolved or not.


computer. Error number 1025 is rather prevalent on Mac devices and generally happens when trying to update the Mac Outlook or Gmail or because of the IMAP account activities.

button and from the top of the window select the General tab. Now you can click the Reset option and reset your account settings using the on-screen prompt. Boot your MAC desktop again and see if the problem is fixed.

Microsoft Outlook is a preferred email application developed by Microsoft Corporation. You can get the Outlook application as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Despite having so many distinct features, even then also you can get technical glitches. One such kind of complication is the Error Code 1025 Outlook. In the next section, you will get the details about this error code.

About The IMAP

The IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is the mail protocol which can be used for accessing emails within the remote web server from a client that is locally situated. Some of the examples of email clients that use IMAP are ‘Gmail’, AOL’ etc.

  • If the Outlook application is not updated to its current version, then you may get this error.
  • Due to some kind of internal issue within the IMAP account you can face this error.
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This section of the article will provide you with various steps that will help you to resolve this error efficiently and easily.

Steps To Delete The IMAP Account From Outlook Application

  • First, launch the Outlook application on your Mac device.
  • Next, go the ‘Tools’  menu and tap on the icon ‘Accounts’.
  • Now, within the section ‘Accounts’ choose the IMAP account that you want to remove from the list.
  • Finally, in order to delete that specific IMAP account, simply tap on the ‘-’ or the ‘minus’ key on the keyboard.
  • Once you delete it, reboot your Mac to confirm the alteration in your system.

Again Make A New IMAP Account On Your Mac For Outlook

  • First, on your Mac device start the Outlook application.
  • Next, you will have to tap on ‘Tools’ menu and then the option ‘Email Account’, under the heading ‘Add an Account’.
  • If there is already an account present then you cannot be able to see the options in the previous step. For that case, you will have to tap on the icon ‘+’ to add another email account

Procedure To Add Details On The Newly Created Account

  • After the last step from the previous point, hit the icon ‘More Option’ and then choose ‘Use Incoming Server Info from the authentication box’ option.
  • Hit the button ‘Add Account’. Then, you will see a new window, where you need to enter the ‘Personal’, ‘Server’ information.
  • In the ‘Personal Information’ section, enter your full name and email address beside the labels that have a similar name.
  • Tap on the ‘Advanced’ button on the bottom right corner of this window. Then, select the ‘Folders’ tab. Under it, locate the ‘Junk’ section and beside the label ‘Store junk messages in this folder’ choose the option ‘Junk Email (Server) option, from the drop-down list.
  • Lastly. Tap on the button ‘OK’ to affirm this setting for this newly created account. Restart your machine and inspect if you are still encountering this error.

Wrapping Up

In case you are also one of the sufferers of the same error code then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, we are going to illustrate some incredible hacks that definitely help you in order to fix the issue on your own. So, have a deep look at the entire article and know more about it.

As we all know the Outlook is one of the most important office suites for employees working in big corporate houses. It is very common that Outlook may arise issues sometimes and can be complex at many times.

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Error code 1025 Outlook is one such error that is very common in occurrence and at the same time does not let you sync your mail. This error code can be annoying as you get stuck while doing an urgent job. The main reasons for this error are:

  • In case if you are using an old version of Outlook application then this error code may arise on the screen and restricts you from using Outlook as well.
  • Due to any sort of an internal problem or defecting IMAP account you may face the issue.

Here, we are going to discuss the most effective methods by which you can surely get rid of the issue.

Delete IMAP from Outlook Application

  • The very first thing you have to do is start the Outlook application on your Mac device.
  • After that, navigate to the eTools menu and click on the Accounts icon.
  • Then, you have to select the IMAP option that is located under the Accounts section.
  • At the final step, you have to tap on the specific IMAP account and tap on the “-” option as well.
  • When the deletion method gets completed, you have to restart your Mac device and check if the same error code is still annoying you or not.

The first and foremost thing you must do is to launch the Outlook application on your device. After that, navigate to choose the Tools option and click on Email Account as well. You can find this option under the “Add an Account” tab.

In case you find there is already an account existing then you can’t see the Add an account icon as well. In such case tap on the “+” icon for adding an optional account.

Then, you will see a section where you may have to put the information that is related to your account. You have to choose the “Enter your account information”. Now, type your email address beside the label “E-mail address” and the password you created recently.

At the final step, check if you are successfully created your new account or not.

Summing up

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will surely help you in order to fix the error code 1025 Outlook at a wink. But in case any complication arises in your mind, then feel free to write to us. Post your doubts and get handy solutions without any sort of delay. Moreover, if the article is profitable for you, then you can write your feedback in the comment box.

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