Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])


Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

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Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

SERSIIG SAC eyessecuritechcom

2 месяца назад

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Robert Stefan

6 месяцев назад

Hello i hope u can help i get The error with (7), the camera îs New im using a UTP ca le linked to my laptop în order to log în to make The network config and im getting this error

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Saroj Tamrakar

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Андрей Юхновский

8 месяцев назад

I can’t find the problem anywhere. Help please. If the PC and the camera are connected to the same Wi-Fi router (it has a 4G SIM card), then there is no problem. If the PC and the camera are on different Internet networks, then such a problem appears only when viewing the recording, when viewing online there is no problem at all.

ivms 4200 string error 525416

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Sundar Rajan

9 месяцев назад


Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Moha Med

1 год назад

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Muhammad arifshah

Can any one help me in opensdk 200013 error code.

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Office Terlesky

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Wi Castle

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])


Sir error code 260015 aa raha hai kese thik kare

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Виктор Автушко

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])


Bhai agr verification key disable kr daen tu pir nvr online rahy ga.keun k ivms 4200 main bar bar key dalni parti ha

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])


Just subscribed to your channel. I have a dvr that I am trying to reset using the reset file sent to me from hikvision. I keep getting a 2022 error though when I try to upload it. Can you please tell me what that error means and how can I fix it?

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Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

You can Do it

2 года назад

What the hell is this background music

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Kaif momin

thanks a lot your video help me to solve this eror

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Rodolfo Grimán

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Muhammad Dusooqi

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

Erick Carballo

I have the error code 18 and 64, but I can’t find information about that, can you help me?I try to use the library HCNetSDK.dll

Hi, i have a Hikvision DVR 7208 HQHI, everything worked find for months, now without ! any changes, IVMS 4200 (no changes done too) tell me this, when i try to watch recorded Videofiles over the IVMS client:

Hikvision DVR Playback failed Error Code open SDK String Error 105 – Playback failed

When i go over the network straight to the DVR i can watch this recorded files, on the montior that is connected to the DVR, only IVMS 4200 on the PC tell me this error.

Nothing was changed, in one moment it dosent work anymore (the playback over IVMS)
Sorry for my English, iam from Germany.
Hope you understand whats the problem.

Hi, I am having the same issue! I just noticed that the recorded video clips listed on the right of the screen are not in chronological order (see picture below). This seems to be causing the system to throw a string error. If you narrow your time span to include only 1 clip, it will play the recorded clip.

This is only occurring on devices that are Hik-Connect, local devices (on the same LAN as the iVMS-2400 client software) work fine.

Can anyone explain where this is coming from? It was working fine until recently.

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Thanks. Brendan

Hello? Can anyone on this forum help us? Are slot99 and myself the only ones having this bizarre behaviour of our iVMS clients?

same here guys, new member, new install , in the uk, and installed last week,

remote playback over the internet via hik connect same error,

local lan playback no error

convinced its a hik connect issue somehow

Cant you just upload the file, so anyone can download?

Adding Failed(OpenSDK[305000])

5/7 cameras have successfully been added, not sure why the other two are giving this error as the settings/configuration appear identical for all of them.


Have you tried adding the remaining cameras directly to your Hik-connect account through the Hik-Connect portal?

Hi Dan, thanks for the suggestion. I tried adding the cameras directly in the portal, after entering the serial number it tells me the camera has been added. But the camera is not visible in the hik connect portal.

But I now have six cameras on the Hik Connect app on iOS, and five on the portal.

I also tried adding the camera through the iOS Hik Connect app and it tells me that the camera has been added but doesn’t appear.

I’ve tried refreshing multiple times and logging out and back in.

For the camera that says it has been added, I think you are going to have to try unbinding the device using SADP and then try adding it to the Hik-connect portal.

Thanks Dan, I’d like to give that a try. But since I upgraded SADP I can’t get any of my cameras to show. They are all accessible through IVMS-4200 and direct via IP on the same computer.

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I’ve ran sc query “npf” in the command line and it shows that it’s running, I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no joy.

I”ve also tried installing Npcap: Windows Packet Capture Library & Driver and win10 cap but

I”m pretty sure it’s an issue with having the right NPF but haven’t been able to get it to work.

We have seen issues previously, not just with Hikvision’s software, where the software has to be added to the firewalls safe software list and be given permission to pass & receive data through the firewall, So I would recommend trying to add the SADP tool to that safe software list.

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