Kemppi FastMig X 350 User Manual

Kemppi FastMig X 350 User Manual

High spatter volume

• Check welding parameter values• Check inductance/Dynamics values• Check cable compensation value if long cables are fitted• Check gas type and flow• Check welding polarity – cable connections• Check filler material selection• Check correct welding program selected• Check correct channel number selection • Check filler wire delivery system• Check power supply – 3-phase present?

Power source is not calibrated or calibration data cannot be read• Restart power source• if the problem continues after multiple startups contact Kemppi service

Overvoltage in the mains supply• Check the mains voltage

Power source is overheated• Do not shut down, let the fans cool the machine. • Check ventilation. • If cooling fans are not running, contact Kemppi service representative.

Mains power supply voltage is too low or one of the phases is missing or auxiliary supply is faulty• Check the mains supply and auxiliary supply and contact Kemppi service

representative if necessary.

FPGA is not configured• Restart the power source.• If the error persists, contact Kemppi service representative

Loose cable connections• Check the voltage sensing cable, measurement cable and earth return cable.

Illegal process• The welding process is not available in this machine.

Plus and minus DIX cable connectors are in contactCheck welding cables

Error in the liquid cooling unit• Check the connections in the cooling unit.

Err 42 or Err 43

Over current in wire feeder motor• Check that the welding gun and consumable parts are properly mounted

Gas guard alert• Check the shielding gas, gas guard and all connections.

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The function is not activated in this machine• If you need this function, order a licence for it from a Kemppi representative.• WiseDemo period might be over.

Rear feed roll may be loose• Check that the feed rolls are properly tightened.

Front feed roll may be loose• Check that the feed rolls are properly tightened

Power source is not connected or not identified by the wire feeder• Check the intermediate cable and its connections.

Welding program is not found• If you need the welding program, order a licence for it from Kemppi representative.

Kemppi FastMig X 350 User Manual

Electrode ignition pulse (-9 = No pulse / 0 = Max pulse)

Disable automatic remote control recognition. 0 = Enable automatic recognition, 1 = Disable automatic recognition.

*) Happens when exiting SETUP mode and value is 1.

The machine always checks its operation automatically during start-up and

reports any failures detected. If failures are detected during start-up, they

are shown as error codes on the control panel display.

e 2: power source undervoltage

The device has stopped because it has detected a mains undervoltage that

disturbs welding. Check the quality of the supply network.

e 3: power source overvoltage

The machine has stopped the welding because it has detected momentary

voltage spikes or continuous overvoltage dangerous to the machine in the

electric network. Check the quality of the supply network.

e 4: power source overheating

• The power source has been used for a long time at maximum power.

• The cooling system has experienced a failure.

Remove any obstacle to air circulation, and wait until the power source fan

has cooled down the machine.


Other error codes:

The machine can show codes not listed here. In the event of an unlisted

code appearing, contact an authorised Kemppi service agent and report the

error code shown.

MinarcTig 180, 180MLP, 250, 250 MLP

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