New Holland СХ6090 коды ошибок


Power Command Transmission

The Power Command transmission has a number of

clutch packs requiring periodic calibration to

compensate for wear. Calibration of the clutches

should be performed at the 50 Hour Service and

thereafter only if a deterioration in gear shift quality

NOTE: During the calibration procedure the

electronic management system detects precisely the

point at which the clutches start to engage . The

engagement is detected by a reduction in engine

speed. During calibration it is essential that no action

is taken to to cause the engine speed to vary. Be sure

that the air conditioner and all electrical equipment is

Do not operate the steering wheel, footbrakes, PTO

or any hydraulic lever or move the hand or foot

Preparing the Tractor for Calibration

NOTE: The clutches should be adjusted when the

Park the tractor on level ground, away from

obstacles (in case of unexpected tractor movement).

Place the transmission shuttle lever in neutral and

apply the parking brake. Switch off all electrical

equipment and air conditioning if fitted. Lower

hydraulic equipment to the ground, place all remote

levers in neutral and stop the engine.

With the operator in the seat, depress and hold down

the clutch pedal. With key start in the off position

depress and hold both transmission upshift and

downshift buttons, Figure 101. Start the engine and

release the buttons to initiate the calibration mode.

Release the clutch pedal.

NOTE: In ‘automatic calibration sequence’ the seat

switch is constantly monitored, if the operator leaves

the seat the sequence will be stopped.

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Error Codes for Power Command

Oil too cold.

Engine RPM too low.

Engine RPM too high.

Shuttle lever not in forward drive position.

Clutch pedal not fully released.

Tractor wheel movement detected.

Hand brake not applied

Operator seat switch not depressed.

Calibration high error.

Calibration low error.

Flywheel torque calibration too low

Flywheel torque calibration too high


NOTE: If you have a fault code associated with a red light flashing and an audible alarm, shut the unit down and call

your dealer for support. For a fault code associated with a yellow amber light, record the code number and use the

Aux Override button to move past this fault code. If the code appears again, contact your dealer for support.

JOYNu – Control handle error

JOYNu appears on the instrument panel. Make sure that the control handles and the auxiliary thumbwheel are in the

neutral position. If JOYNu continues to be displayed contact your dealer for support.

OPRPr – Operator presence error

OPRPr appears on the instrument panel. Make sure that you are sitting in the operator seat, the seat belt is fully

engaged, and the restraint bar (if equipped) is in the down position. If OPRPr continues to be displayed contact your

CRKOn – Hydraulic enable error (EH machines only)

CRKOn appears on the instrument panel. CRKOn indicates the OPERATE button is being pressed while attempting

1000 to 1999 (vehicle errors)

Hydraulic Oil Filter


Open / Short Circuit

Engine State Plausibility

Short Circuit to Power

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Configuration Time out

Right Brake Light

Left Brake Light Actuation Open Circuit

Left Brake Light Actuation Short Circuit to

Backup Alarm Activation

Input Voltage Out

Supply Voltage Out

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